On the issues

Build Our Local Economy

One of the most pressing local issues is our lack of revenue for much-needed repairs and updates to local roads, sidewalks, and amenities. Let’s keep building our local economy to generate the revenue we need for these projects.

As Brook Park residents, watching so many opportunities and businesses open just on the other side of our borders is frustrating. While progress has been made, the administration can only do so much with its available resources.

I believe City Council should play an active role in rebuilding our local economy, bring forward ideas and resources, and work with the administration to create an environment that attracts new businesses, residents, and opportunities.

This campaign is about helping Brook Park take advantage of our opportunities, develop new ones, and work to keep our city moving forward. As a city council member, I’ll fight to ensure that we continue our forward march and leave no stone unturned when working to rebuild our tax base that funds our incredible city services.

Invest in City Beautification

Investing in city beautification helps drive growth. So let’s use grant money to build streets where people want to shop, and businesses want to be.

Continue Progress on Municipal Campus Projects

From Home Days to Holiday Lights and outdoor summer concerts at the newly built amphitheater, our municipal campus is quickly becoming a great social destination for Brook Park residents.

Encourage Local Business Participation at City Events

We’ve got great local businesses – let’s work with them to encourage their participation in city events. Whether serving food or providing another service, let’s ensure we support our businesses whenever and wherever possible.

Continue Working with County and State Partners

We’ve been fortunate to receive funds for our amphitheater and building demolition, among other projects, from our state and county partners. Let’s work on growing our partnership as we rebuild our local economy!

Our Campaign is Just Getting Started
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