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Road Repair

Let’s work together to set a new precedent for road repair and leave a lasting legacy for getting the job done.

Our roads and sidewalks need work.
Let’s pull out all the stops to get them fixed.

It’s not a secret that we’ve fallen behind on road and infrastructure repair and desperately need to catch up. While revenue is scarce and concrete is expensive, it’s tough for all cities to find the resources to fix everything broken, especially roads.

That’s why I’m proposing a plan to get them fixed and keep them fixed. By having our city council work with the administration, we can take some common-sense steps to keep things moving forward and keep the ball rolling on a roads program. Additionally, I’ll work with our council, administration, other cities, and the county to establish a county-wide infrastructure bank to provide funding for improving roadways, infrastructure, and economic development.

Pass a Multi-Year Roads Program

Passing a roads program in one year and then agreeing on our intentions to fix other roads in the following year will speed up the process of getting approval and prevent election year haggling over which streets to repair.

Encourage Cuyahoga County to Build an Infrastructure bank

A county-wide infrastructure bank would allow cities easier access to funds for projects and would give our budget and other cities in the county much-needed financial flexibility for infrastructure and economic development.

Our Campaign is Just Getting Started
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