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Protect, Maintain, and improve Programs for Seniors

Senior services in Brook Park are a promise kept between generations. We owe it to the generation who built this city to protect, maintain, and improve senior services.

Senior programs are a promise made between generations, and we intend to keep that promise. By protecting, maintaining, and improving senior programming, we can help ensure that Brook Park is one of the best cities for people to age in place.

It’s a motto of mine that there is always room for improvement, and some of the common complaints I hear about senior programming is that it’s hard to get set up and get information on – which, is something we’ll have to work on. But the pandemic also underscored a need to refocus our attention on senior programming from the perspective of activities.

We need to explore ways to make our public spaces more livable and accessible for our seniors. While we certainly maintain great recreation programs, investing a little in public infrastructure to make Brook Park more walkable, help folks learn new skills, or recommend services to assist with aging in place would help us give back to the generation that built the city we call our home.

improve access and information to existing senior services

Let’s make sure our existing programs are easy to access and maintain.

make small investments to improve usability of public spaces for seniors

We have great parks, and are investing in rebuilding our central park as we speak. I vow to ensure that new development is usable by our senior population.

Focus on developing new programs to promote aging in place

There are new developments all of the time to help seniors stay where they are and where they’re comfortable. We owe it to our older population to form partnerships that can explore ways to help folks stay in their homes..

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