Below, find the current list of organizations endorsing Thomas W. Dufour for Brook Park City Council At Large!

Political endorsements are potent symbols of support and validation from reputable organizations and community members. With that said, I am incredibly proud to have gained the support of labor. Hailing from a family of construction tradesmen and coal miners, growing up a few miles from the GM Powertrain and Jeep plants in Toledo, and as a resident of Brook Park – once called “The Working Man’s Beverly Hills” – I understand firsthand the value of labor, what the dignity of work means, and will bringing these values to Brook Park City Council.

Unions defend fair wages, job security, safe working conditions, and workers’ rights. These endorsements not only highlight confidence in my ability to represent the working class’s interests but also signify a mutual understanding of who built Brook Park and who fights for the city today. I’m proud to have labor’s support because it reflects my dedication to fighting for working families in Brook Park, and beyond. I believe that as a community, if we work together, we can build a city that prioritizes the needs of its residents, rebuilding our economy, tax base, and a better future for all. With labor’s support and yours, we can restore Brook Park to “The Working Man’s Beverly Hills” again!

North Shore AFL-CIO

Cleveland Building & Construction Trades Council


Teamsters OHIO D.R.I.V.E

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 38

AFSCME Power in Action

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