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improve our parks and playgrounds

Let’s make sure our community is one that our kids look back on fondly.

Our parks and playgrounds are more than places for recreation — they’re vital spaces for our children’s development and are anchors of any family-oriented community.

Children thrive in areas where they can express themselves through activity, creativity, and social engagement. Parks and playgrounds encourage all of these. Parks and playgrounds serve as much more than just recreation areas. Rather, they are crucial spaces for the development of our children and serve as anchors for family-oriented communities. Such spaces provide ample opportunities for children to engage in creative, social, and physical activities, ultimately leading to their overall growth and development.

As a city council member, I’ll encourage further attention to maintaining and renovating existing parks and playgrounds. Many recreational areas need to update aging equipment. By allocating resources and working to acquire outside funding to improve these spaces, we can provide children with safe and modern equipment and accessible amenities for children with disabilities.

In addition, I will work with the administration and other council members to develop a sense of community ownership of our parks and playgrounds. As a city council member, I will work to foster collaboration with local businesses and organizations to help organize volunteer programs, community events, and create educational initiatives that benefit our children and public parks. By involving the broader community and region in these spaces’ development and maintenance, we can ensure their quality, longevity, and sustainability for future generations of Brook Park kids.

With increased investment and development of parks and playgrounds, we can improve the quality of life for our children and continue our city’s tradition as a great place to raise a family!

Renovate Existing Parks and Playgrounds

Through encouraging additional maintenance, replacing and installing new equipment, and community engagement we can ensure the next generation has the same great experience growing up in Brook Park as the ones who came before.

encourage involvement of the greater community

By working with the administration and other members of council, we can create an environment that improves both our public spaces and the lives of our children.

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